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Self - Help Motivational Journal

Turning 40 is a huge milestone and should be celebrated.  But for many people, it also comes with feelings of uneasiness. This phase of life is often filled with questioning one’s identity and purpose.

Fullfilment in life, work and relationships in your 40s is attainable. Through personal experiences, Caroline Brown teaches how to make decisions, invest in yourself without feeling guilty and truly live life to the fullest. In her simple 5-step challenge, you will learn to tackle fears and self-doubt and replace them with certainty and self-love.

Now is the time to say goodbye to any negative influences in your life. Stop feeling insecure and holding on to resentments.  A new decade means a new chapter, and Caroline will walk you through critical steps to make sure it’s the best one yet!

‘It’s practical and full of transformative tips for your daily life, such as the profound effect of journaling as a tool of self-reflection and awareness. I was finally able to start journaling and it feels amazing! This book has encouraged me to continue manifesting what I want for my life. Great work and thank you, Caroline.’

Dr Weronika Silva Lobo, MD

Take control of your life by honouring your self-awareness…

Caroline Brown

Self - Help Motivational Journal

The over 40s need to keep track of their journey more than ever before. This Self-Care Journal and Diary planner, is going to make your day! Everything you need in one place, to help support you through your anxious journey of procrastinating. This journal will support you in guiding your self-love. By practising the self-care you need. Focusing on self-care every day, all day, by writing all about yourself.

  • Gratitude

    There is room for gratitude journaling, so you can keep a daily log of your thoughts and reflect on things you are grateful for.

  • Habit tracker

    Get to know your patterns of habit, good and areas to work on.

  • Goals and strategies

    What is it you want to achieve and what are the action steps that will guide you to your goal.

  • Monthly schedule

    Keep on top of your plans all year long

  • Calendar dates

    Know your dates for the Next 12 months

  • Holiday planner

    You deserve a break.

  • Hobbies and interests tracker

    Work and more play

  • Favourite recipe

    Remember your favourite recipe.

  • Favourite wine and cocktails

    Keep a list of your drinks

  • Favourite book

    What do you like to read

  • Contacts

    So no excuse to not keep in touch

Self - Help Motivational Journal

In this refreshing blue coloured Self-love workbook. You will be able yourself love by practicing kindness every day, all day. This self love journal is a way for you to talk to and about yourself, by writing all about you.  Beautiful interior includes

Self - Help Motivational Journal

This elegant gratitude journal, has 200 pages of prompt questions to help you with your journaling. Accompanied with inspiring quotes. This will hopefully, inspire you to guide your internal tools. Allowing you to embrace your desires and goals, and awakening you in your over 40s.

Gratitude journaling can help you to keep a daily log of your thoughts, and reflect on things you are grateful for. Suitable as a gift, present

Increase positivity and zest for life —Documenting the things surrounding your over 40s life,that you are grateful to have happiness and positivity. When we are feeling down, thinking of just a few things to be grateful for (a nap, a warm meal, a call with a friend) can help lift our spirits. Improve sleep hygiene and lower stress—Jotting your thoughts before bed to reflect on what we have to be grateful for is thought to help clear the mind of worry and encourage better sleep.

Improve self- awareness and esteem—When you can see positive aspects of your life, you will be able hold yourself in higher regard and have more appreciation for the life you are living.

Self - Help Motivational Journal

How to use the 369 technique to help reach your Crazy Over 40s life goals

The 369 manifestation method is based on a theory by Nikola Tesla, and he believed that the numbers three, six and nine were ‘divine numbers’ and had spiritual significant in terms of the nature of the universe and how humans live.

The 369 method works by repeating your chosen affirmation three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon and nine times before you go to bed. “This works because it means your brain receives positive messages as soon as you wake up, you then repeat this in the middle of the day when your brain is at its most productive and complete it at night as you are coming into rest and your subconscious mind will start becoming more active.”

Self - Help Motivational Journal

The crazy over 40s life resources. This beautifully designed mindfulness journal. Helps you to gather your thoughts. It’s simple in that it’s really just about paying attention to what’s happening here and now (i.e. sensations, thoughts, and emotions) in a non-judgemental way. It’s powerful because it can interrupt the habit of getting lost in thoughts, mostly about the future or past, which often generates more stress on top of the real pressures of everyday life.’ 
This journal uses proven practices of positive psychology to improve Your mental health and wellness