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They say that the Crazy Over-40s Life journey starts once you reach 40 and over, and then you have officially entered a stage of midlife crisis. However, I think it is something different and I affectionately refer to this journey as your Crazy Over-40s Life!

What’s my Crazy Over-40s Life? I’m a mum, divorcee, unpaid child chauffeur, cook, cleaner, butler, household therapist, teacher and nurse.

There is no map, but there will be growth, questions, leaps, hustling, challenges, conquests and celebrations along the way.

The Crazy Over-40s Life will be on this adventure with you… Providing you with an enjoyable delivery of pirouetting, rotating co-hosts and experts from Europe, Asia, the USA and Canada to meet the needs of a dedicated global audience tuning in fortnightly for their from-the-trenches advice and illuminating interviews with humour, so that you, the audience, get a wider angle on our discussions and interviews. We will be delving into topics such as relationships, love, emotional, physical and social wellness, as well as money and legal matters. We shall also be covering the arts, culture and current events. As part of an inspiring and light-hearted entertaining experience, we shall bring the resources to you. So just show up as you are and trusting that you’ve got this and we’ve got this to navigate this Crazy Over-40s Life.

I help you promote and develop your inner courage to do things that your fears have been stopping you from doing—living a happier, more meaningful and more successful life.

Caroline Brown